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The Book Every Teen Should Read

The Book Every Teen Should Read

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What if someone told you that you had the power to change your life? Grasping your emotions, understanding your health and body, building deeper connections with others, overcoming anxiety, and discovering your self-confidence... it's all attainable. You just need some guidance to get there.In The Book Every Teen Should Read, Nicole Gonzalez introduces you to the power of personal development along with dozens of strategies on how to grow into your best self. Being a teen can be a really challenging time without the tools to enhance your quality of life. Nicole knows this all too well, which is why she wrote down all the tips and tricks you need to get through your teenage years with ease.In this groundbreaking workbook, Nicole entertainingly discusses the things that aren't taught in school: how to maintain your physical andemotional health; exploring your identity; manifesting the life you desire; embracing change; and discovering how amazing you truly are. You are destined for more, my friend. It's time you believe it yourself! The Book Every Teen Should Read is an indispensable book--a must read now!

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