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Big Vegan Flavor: Techniques and 150 Recipes to Master Vegan Cooking

Big Vegan Flavor: Techniques and 150 Recipes to Master Vegan Cooking

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A groundbreaking and comprehensive “vegan flavor bible”—with 150 must-make recipes—from the wildly popular home cook and creator behind Rainbow Plant Life

With more than two million devoted fans online, Nisha Vora has become the trusted source for exceptional vegan recipes for the home cook. That’s because of her “flavor first” philosophy. It's an approach she’s honed nearly a decade creating plant-based dishes that just plain taste amazing, labels aside. Now she’s created an essential, comprehensive guide that codifies the principles of plant-based cooking for the first time, from how to coax the most out of your ingredients and how to understand essential flavor pairings, to how to achieve impossible-to-resist, must-have-more textures and embrace the myriad ways vegetables can be enjoyed: roasted, caramelized, braised, pampered in bold marinades and umami-rich sauces, and so much more.
As Nisha demonstrates in this groundbreaking book, the creative possibilities are endless thanks to the rich variety in the plant-based kingdom and the infinite and exciting ways there are to achieve big flavor.
This book illuminates not only the how, but the why of these fundamental principles so that anyone can boost their confidence and reach their full, plant-savvy potential in the kitchen—whether they like to rotate in a few veggie meals a week, or they are experienced home cooks looking for next-level, wow-worthy meals. With more than 150 globally-inspired recipes, easy “flavor boosters” that add depth or pop to all kinds of dishes, simple swaps for whatever you’re craving or have on-hand, make ahead tips, and more, Big Vegan Flavor is packed with ideas and inspiration. Each recipe offers a quick tutorial: Dishes like Miso Butter-Seared King Oyster Scallops will teach you how to brine plants until perfectly tender. Chai-Spiced Custard Tart with Mango will open your eyes to the power of a good spice blend and a sweet-tangy, creamy-crunchy dessert. Or use Nisha’s favorite protein, grains, and sauce recipes to create mix-and-match meals that always excite.
A timely and visionary cookbook, Big Vegan Flavor is destined to become a classic.

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